Why Wont My Dog Listen To Me?

Why won’t my dog listen to me? It is the common question which is usually asked by the people who give up to take care and teach of their pet. Sometimes, many people feel trouble for their own pet. They feel stress because maybe the dog doesn’t want to listen to them. Then what is the solution? Well, there are some steps that I want to share with you about the best solution to solve these problems.

Steps to Make Your Dog Listening

Set up the communication

The communication is the most important thing to understand each other. People need a good communication to understand to each other. Then, this is good for the dog too. People need to set up the good communication with the pet. People can try to communicate well with the dogs to raise the relationship.

First, people can try to talk with the dog. Even though the dog cannot speak and talk to us, we can try to build a communication with them. The dog will try to understand what we are talking about. They do not know a language, English, French, and Spanish, but they will understand what we are talking through the tone and body language. People can use the tone voice and body language to tell the command to the dog. Then, a dog will consider that a woman voice is like the good dog. The tone is soft, sweet and has a high pitched. The man voice is like the bad dog. The tone is deep, stern and grave tone. People can give a command to your pet using the man tone. Moreover, it is better to give a name for your dog. People can call their pet with the special name, so they will be more understanding about you as the master.

why dog doesnt listening

why dog doesnt listening

Basic Training

People can begin to do a training for their dog by calling the name. People need to pay attention to the dog’s response. First, people need to introduce the dog’s name to the dog. For example, people can call the name of the dog and touch the body. You have to make sure that the dog position should be close to you. You have to say the name of the dog cheerfully while you touch the dog’s body. You have to repeat it, so your dog will understand his name and what should they do if hearing the name.

Then, if they have understood the name, you can start to train your dog with the words sit, walk and out. Those three words can be used as the basic words for your dogs. You have to remember that the dogs will not understand the command without the training. You can teach each word and give the example. You can say the word sit and ask them to sit, so they will understand your command.

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Getting your point across

Words are maybe not enough for communicating with the dogs. People need extra words to make the dog understand. People can change the tone to be the deep and stern voice to convince the dog about the things which represents “No”. Then, maybe you only need to growl and sharply your tone without saying anything. People not only say the words, but they need to put an extra tone while saying the words.

People can use the praise sound too to show the praise. They need to use the praise sound to reward the dogs if they can do something right. People can say the words excellent, good and alright to reward the dogs. You have to say it in a cheerful tone, so your dogs will be very happy to hear about that.