Dogs are always learning. So whether you decide to spend time training your dog or not he will be learning new behaviors, just not the behaviors you want him to.

The good news is, that far from being a chore, training can be a whole lot of fun, both for you and the dog. Training builds the bond between you and your dog, it re-enforces your position as pack leader and gives you the confidence to control your dog in any situation.

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Dog Training 101 continues…

And if that’s not enough reason, think about how amazed your family and friends will be with your impressively obedient canine companion. Ready to get started? Read our top tips below, then dive right in and follow the links to more great training advice. You’re just a couple of clicks away from starting a fantastic adventure with your dog.

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

  1. Start young. Dogs are most receptive to training in their first 12 weeks.
  2. Set your dog up to succeed by learning the proper techniques.
  3. Be consistent both in schedule and method.
  4. Don’t train your dog when you feel stressed or unwell.
  5. Keep training positive, with lots of praise, play and treats.
  6. Use tasty treats that are a real incentive to your dog.
  7. Don’t expect miracles. Training takes time and patience.
  8. Keep training sessions short and focussed.
  9. Make sessions fun by playing with your dog between short “bursts” of focussed work.
  10. End every session with a command you know the dog can do, followed by a game.