Tips on How to Stop Dog Whining Now.

Tips on how to stop dog whining now.

There are a number of ways in which a dog vocalizes including howling, barking, growling and, of course whining. Whining is perhaps the most subtle of these, but a sure attention getter, because humans normally interpret it as a cry of distress. It sounds so pitiful, right?

It hasn’t taken dogs long to figure this out. And some dogs, especially those with doting owners, have taken their whining skills to an art form.It can be irritating, it can be annoying, but it should never be ignored? Why? Because your dog may be whining out of genuine distress.

stop dog whining

stop dog whining

Stop Dog Whining: Why Your Dog May Be Whining

A dog will whine if it is afraid, anxious, or hurt. Some dogs have also learned to mimic two of these conditions in order to get our attention, but no dog ever pretends to be hurt.Dogs have a high pain threshold, and may even conceal the fact that they are hurting in order to please their owners. So if a dog is whining in pain you’ll want to take action right away.

Identify the source of pain and have it treated immediately, by a vet if necessary.However, in the case of fear or anxiety whining, there are ways to minimize or even stop dog whining with just a few simple measures. Be aware though that your dog may have a very good reason for whining. He really is upset that you are leaving, he’s afraid that you may not return, he’s scared of being left alone in the big, empty house.

These are all bone fide reasons for the dog to be whining, but that doesn’t mean that these behavior patterns can’t be changed. You can stop dog whining if you are prepared to be consistent and patient.

How to Stop Dog Whining

Let’s talk about anxiety whining first. This can become a serious problem and usually starts when the dog picks up on clues in your routine. It could be the simple act of picking up your car keys or putting on a coat before you leave the house.Whatever the trigger, it soon becomes the catalyst that sets off your dog’s whining. The trick here is to break the connection between action and reaction. There are a number of ways to do this.

You could simply vary your routine. Or you could get ready to leave, and then not go out. Alternatively, you could leave and then return after standing outside for a few seconds.These are all easy ways to break to connection the dog has built up between your routine, and the fact that it results in him being left on his own. It is a simple methodology, but it works.

Another cause for whining is fear. For example, the dog may be intimidated by being left all alone in an empty house. The simple solution? Cut down his space.Keeping the dog confined to a small area of the house, or better still, a dog crate will help him relax and stop whining.

It may take a bit of time for the dog to get used to the crate but he’ll soon grow accustomed to his “den”. This will help to stop dog whining because it has a calming effect. The dog no longer feels compelled to patrol and protect the whole house.

Stop Dog Whining: Breaking the “Attention Whining” Cycle

Dogs are born problem solvers and as such, they can be quite manipulative in getting what they want. They are particularly adept at making connections between cause and effect. For example, if you teach your dog to sit in order to receive a biscuit you’ll find that he starts to sit whenever he wants one – whether it’s on offer or not!

Similarly, if your dog works out that you come running every time he whines, prepare yourself for plenty of running!. Earlier we suggested that you should not ignore the whining, but as you get to know your dog you’ll be able to tell genuine distress whining from attention seeking. Pay attention to the former and ignore the latter if you want to stop dog whining.