The Reasons and Treatments for Your Puppy Not Eating

It is bothersome when your dog does not want to eat or loss his appetite. There are several reasons behind your dog dose not want to eat. If you had done try to give your variant dog foods but your dog is still refuse, probably there is serious issue that you have to know.

Usually your puppies become common that their lost his appetite but it possible that your dog having issue with their health as well. We know talk about the reasons why your dog does not eat and some treatment that you can try. If you already do the treatment but the condition does not change and getting worse, you may call the veterinarian for further treatment and explanations.

Puppy Not Eating

The first reason is your dog get anorexia problems.

The anorexia dog has a different definition with anorexia that happens to the human. For human, anorexia is eating disorder that usually comes from their self, they feel being overweight. In the dog case, anorexia can be defined as a less of appetite and refuse to eat anything, there are several causes why your dog get the anorexia, some of them are: cancer, pain, heart or kidney disorder and infection. The other common causes that can cause anorexia for your dog, there are: the environment changes, the common vaccination, their poop and worry.

There are a lot of illnesses that can cause your puppy not eating. It is happen if your dog has cancer or infection in the breath cavity. Almost all of illness can cause your dog refuse to eat for short time or long time. If your dog always refuse to eat during 2 days, you can contact the veterinarian to give the best diagnose and solve your dog disorder. In some cases, you should need to push your dog to eat because your dog may die in case of less food and water.

The other situation that probably as the reason why your dog refuse to eat is moving to the new house or environment. If you just move, it can cause your dog uncomfortable with the strange place and loss their appetite for a while. You do not have to worry because your dog will feel comfort and just need to take time.

The vaccination can be the reason why your dog refuse to eat as well. Usually their appetite will back during 24 hours. In other case, when you raise a puppy and start growing the teeth. This period will affect the appetite as well. The period during 10 weeks and you have to give more care for your puppy because while the teeth growth period, your puppy will feel uncomfortable. You can provide the smooth food that make your puppy easier to chew. If you provide the normal food, your puppy will difficult to eat and refuse to eat at all. This thing will take 7 months for your puppy to get their permanent teeth.

The next question is, What you will to do?

Whatever the reasons, you have done the treatment to solve your dog issue. There are several treatments that you can try when your dog loose their appetite:

1.             Try to give pieces of meat your dog. You can give a various meat such as: the chicken meat without fat or beef. If your dog eats your meat, it is probably that your dog is picky.
2.             You can give the dry kibbles in your microwave just for 20 seconds. This thing can spread the good smell for your dog food. You dog probably like the smell and try to eat it.
3.             Yu can add the warm water or broth for your puppy. The war mater or broth can make the food smoother and make your puppy is easier to chew while you puppy has teeth disorder,
4.             The other option is add some peanut jam that have a strong smell and make your dog love to eat.

If one of those treatments above is worth, it can be concluded that your dog is picky. You have to give the variation for your dog food and your dog will get the option for their food as well. In a bad case, when you give the food dish for your dog then after 20 minutes your dog still does not touch it, it may your dog has illness.

The last option is go to the veterinarian

The several symptoms if your dog gets the illness:

1.             Your dog does not to drink water
2.             Your dog feel uncomfortable and pain
3.             Catch the fever
4.             Your dog gets constipation problems.

If your dog has those symptoms above, you have to consult with the veterinarian for detail diagnose. The vat will give the best conclusion whether you dog got illness or not and provide the best treatment.