How to Know the Pregnant of Your Dog

How to Know the Pregnant Dog and How to Keep the Dog Properly

Do you have a female dog or a bitch at home? If you do, you have to know the signs whether she is pregnant or not. That will ease you to determine the special treatment which is very needed by the bitch. The gestation period usually takes 2 months. The signs of pregnant dog are hard to find out at the beginning. The change of physic will be seen at 4 weeks gestation. It makes you have to know the details about how to know the signs of the pregnant dog and how to keep the dog properly. This article will give you the information about pregnancy and your dog – an overview.

pregnancy and your dog an overview

pregnancy and your dog an overview

  1. Notice the signs of pregnant dog to do better preparation

Absolutely, veterinarians suggest you give good nutrition every day for your dog. Yet, if your dog does not have the appetite, it will give the negative impact for the dog’s health. Your dog can be sick or the dog enters the early pregnancy. Moreover, the bitch usually experiences the morning sickness when she wakes up in the morning. The second sign is, your bitch is often tired even though she does not do any moves or activity. You can check the temperature of her body. If the body does not show the high temperature, probably your bitch is pregnant. You can anticipate by cleaning the whole cage or move the bitch to the more comfortable place. The healthy environment will give the comfort to rest because of exhaustion.

The third sign is the change of your dog’s behavior. If your bitch is pregnant you will find out that she will take rest to the comfortable place but it’s not her cage. The pregnant bitch will take a rest to the larger places with the soft pedestal. You can help her for it. The layers of fabric will help her to get what she wants. You can put the box with the layers of fabric in it to the place which is not disturbed by people. The fourth sign is, the change of her physique is visible. The change of pregnant bitch is seen when the gestation is in 4 weeks. You can check the change of her nipples. The pregnant bitch usually has the bigger size of nipples than she had before. the change of other physic is in the bitch stomach. The bitch which enters the first month of pregnancy has the bigger stomach. To make sure she is pregnant or not, you can touch her stomach. The bitch’s stomach who is pregnant usually has the different texture. If your bitch has these signs, you can invite her to see the vet. The vet will check it with ultrasound scan to make sure whether your bitch is pregnant or not.

  1. How to keep pregnant bitch

Pregnancy process which is experienced by the bitch is usually in early 2 weeks. From this time, you should do the intensive treatment to support the condition of bitch’s body and keep the puppies in her warm. There are many things to do to keep the condition of the bitch. The first, persuade the bitch to consume the best nutrition. As it has mentioned above, the pregnant bitch will experience decreased appetite. You can accompany your bitch when she eats and support them, do not forget to give the best nutrition for her. You can give her extra calcium and vitamins. The supplement is needed support process of giving birth. Do not feed your pregnant bitch with dry food. However, if you do not have time to buy proper food, you can give her dry food which has high quality for your pregnant bitch. For your information, the meal portion of your pregnant bitch is double. But, do not give her so much food. You can give the normal portion and give it often.

The second tip is, you should bring her to see the vet regularly. It is to know the whole condition of the physic and her fetus. You can get all information and discuss with the vet about what should you do and what should not. It eases you to consider the process of giving birth properly. The third is, avoid the hard exercise when your bitch is pregnant. Absolutely, you like to go out or running around the park with your dog. But, the pregnant bitch in 6 – 8 weeks pregnancy should not be given the hard exercise. This is for keeping the condition of her body fit before the process of giving birth. You also have to know the sign when your pregnant bitch that will give birth soon.

  1. How to know the signs when your pregnant dog is going to give birth soon

In 2 weeks of your bitch pregnancy, the change of the physic is seen clearly. Other than that, the health condition and her behavior keep changing. Moreover, the bitch will suffer and she needs special attention. These are the following signs that can be easy to check from the pregnant bitch who will give birth soon;

The first is, your bitch will suffer in her stomach. It is because of the contraction. The contraction will happen in 6 – 18 hours before the process of giving birth. In this time, you have to do the preparation to help her in process of giving birth. The contraction also increases hormone levels in your bitch body. The pain will increase the anxiety of your bitch. The second sign is, there is the liquid which is out of your bitch reproduction before the process of giving birth. When your pregnant bitch is going to give birth, her reproduction put out black and green liquid and placenta fluid. The placenta sac will put out the puppies at the same time. A puppy will come out every each 10 until 30 minutes. You have to know that your bitch will deliver more than one puppies. It will help you to decide whether you need the vet or not in the processing of giving birth of your bitch. Of course, it depends on the condition of your bitch and you should discuss it with a vet when you do the checkup.