Dog Treats - Why You Want to Use Them?

It is not a secret that rewarding someone has the greatest motivation effects. Humans enjoy different kinds of rewards and definitely food is not among the top rewards. However dogs love these little tasty pieces of food they are given when they do something right.

Dog treats are a great way to not only train your dog but show him your appreciation every time he does something correctly. Dog treats are in the basis of the reward training and that is why it is worthed for you to try some of the techniques below.

Teach your dog to come when asked to.
Teaching your dog to come to you when you call him is one of the first things he should master. This is not only convenient for you but important for the dog as it could save his life in some situations.

Teaching a dog to come is not a problem in general. Most dogs like to belong and that is why it is likely that they would react to the voice of their master and naturally come to him. However this has nothing to do with the real obedience that is required of your dog. Imagine you are outside and there are many thins that distract the animal are you sure your dog will come to you when you ask him to?

You can easily teach your dog to come to you if you create a positive attitude toward the command. You can start with a leash pull it gently and say the command. Eventually your dog will understand what you want. When he comes - give him the reward. This is how you will show your dog that he did the correct thing. You will notice that after a few lessons you will not need the leash any longer.

Teach our dog to sit.
Teaching your dog to come when you want him to is the easiest part of any dog's obedience training. The next step is to teach him to sit upon command. Although it seems to be a useless command having a dog that sits and stays calm upon a c command is a real pleasure and very beneficial in certain cases.

Dog treats can help you master this as well. Ask your dog to come. Say the new command "Sit", and gently push his bottom towards the ground. Your dog will sit because of the pressure you are applying to his back. When he does - give him the reward. Do the same a couple more times and than make a break. Later on you van try again. You will notice that after a few lessons your dog will learn what your command means and listen to it.

Another popular dog treat technique for teaching your dog to sit is to hold the reward above his nose and say the command. Your dog will sit because this is the only way to reach th reward. Because you are pronouncing the command meanwhile he will associate the movement with the command.

There are many more things you can teach your dog using dog treats. However remember dog treats are meant to be "luxurious" for your puppy. Do not give them very often and never use them instead of food otherwise your dog will not be so found of getting the reward.


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