How To Do A Properly Guard Dog Training

How To Do A Properly Guard Dog Training

Have you ever thought to be protected from all the time? If you have such a desire in your mind, you can make it happen by using the guard dog, if you ever see on the street that some people are taking their own dog as the pet and also as the guard, dogs are the animal that area very faithful to their owner. When the time you have been threatened, your dog will change to be more aggressive, the only your guard dog does is just waiting for the next order that you will give whether you want to order the dog to attack or to stand down, the dog will follow you perfectly, that is the usage and the benefit by having the guard dog.

If you want to have such a protector like this, you have to follow how to do a guard dog training. Things that you need to remember about training the guard dog that it is totally not the same as training the ordinary dogs because it will have much harder. The example result of the dog that is trained to be a guard, the dog will bark so hard and have the instinct to bite if there is a stranger who stands still in your house and the behavior of the dog will change after the stranger is gone. You need to be more careful when the time you bring your friends to come along to your house, because if the dog is never seen your friends before, it will be so annoying, but the dog does it to protect you as the owner. Now is the time for you to learn about how to teach your dog to be the best guard dog.

guard dog

guard dog

How to train your Guard Dog to be your protector?

For you who are interested in having or making your own dog to be your personal protector or in another word is a guard dog, you have to know that you need a person that has the higher level and experience in training a dog to be the best guard dog candidate. Here we go some details to train your dog.

  • Dog loves to play

The only thing that you can do to train your dog is knowing that in being the guard dog needs to be always active physically and mentally; you will need an extra effort to train your dog because the dog will have so much energy to be spent in playing. Then, you also need to be able to stop the playing time when the time to quit the play has come.

  • Trains the ability of the obedient

Always be patient to train the dog to increase its ability, it needs time to sharpen its ability to a hundred percent obey you. Train the dog starts from stopping the dog from the playing time while the playing time has ended.

  • Dog is a teammate

Trains the dog and sharpen the thought that you are its teammate that it needs to be protected, show it that you need a higher level of the attention from the dog. You also need to train her to be more focus and ability to wait till you give an order. You also need to find out and ask the person who has much an experience in training the guard dog to have such a higher tolerance to pressure, and you also train the dog how to be a flexible when the time the dog is in the new environment, situations, condition, or even in the new elements. Train the dog patiently.