What Are Dog Worms That Can Infect Your Dogs?

There are so many cases of dog worms including mild cases to serious cases. The case possibly happens to every type of dog when the cleanliness and health of dogs are not considered well. It is risky suffering worms. There are several types that can infect dogs. It can be a worm infecting bowel and a worm infecting another body part of dogs. Here is the list of dog worms and how to treat it.

dog worms


This worm generally infects your dogs. The worms have a common size of 2 to 4 inch and have brown or white color. It looks like spaghetti with a sharpening tip. If your dogs have been infected by roundworm, your dogs enable to have vomiting, diarrhea and look unhealthy. If it has been infected seriously, your dogs can issue all worms in the feces. This worm can cause blocked bowel. Most of the dogs were born by the larva of roundworms in their body tissues. The worms can move from a parent to the mother’s womb. Then, it may turn to be mother’s milk. All cases possibly happen.


The next type of dog worms is called to be tapeworms. This worm ordinarily takes ¼ to ½ inch. When the segment of tapeworm dry, the worms will look like grains of rice or sesame seeds. The tapeworms live in the intestine and steal nutrition of foods consumed by the dogs. The symptoms of tapeworm attack on the dogs are an inconvenience on the belly, anxious, itching in the anus, vomiting, and weight loss drastically.

The only one way of this infection is caused by eating louse that is infected by a tapeworm. When the dogs eat the house, it will be digested and it will issue small tapeworms. The tapeworms then attach on the wall of bowel of infected dogs. Initially, it consists of a head, throat, and a segment. Then, it grows to add a new segment. Every segment of tapeworm has thousand of worm eggs getting ready to eat and steal dog’s nutrition.


Hookworms are a kind of parasite nematode worms living in the small intestine of dogs. It is like earthworms in which those are bilateral. What does it mean? It is able to cut into two kinds of worms in which it has the same shape for every side. The type of hookworms appear some symptoms including itching legs, rash on the dog legs, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, sighing sound, and blood in the faces.

As dogs get an infection of hookworms, they will suffer anemia causing a death. The worms infect dogs through the skin and then direct to lungs so that the dogs get a cough and swallow the worms. The hookworms are different from the other bowel parasites. It is sucking blood to be worm’s food. The puppies are a risk of hookworm’s infection and can die due to that infection. Hookworms are difficult diagnosed because it is not clearly seen in the dog’s feces. In some certain cases, it can be only diagnosed by the testing of faces by an animal doctor.


Another type of dog worms is whipworms. The whipworm is similar to a flatworm. The whipworms implement their head and suck dog’s blood. The worms live in the cecum, the first part of dog’s colon. The reaction of dogs to this whipworm infection is relatively mild though it looks serious. The heavy infection can be detected by diarrhea and blood in feces. The puppies with chronic infection can lose weight, dehydration, and anemia. The infection of whipworms is generally caused by the consumption of worm eggs until it has been infected. Whipworms can make your dogs reach the serious infection. The whipworms rarely cause death but it becomes a real disturbance and infection of dogs.


Ringworms are not a kind of bowel parasite but it is fungal infection attacking skin. It also influences the appearance and health of dogs as well. One of the obvious signals of ringworm infection is a loss of fur on the certain area of body dog part. This area will have a pustule and scaly. The dogs will scratch itching due to ringworm. If it is not treated, dog’s fur will be fallen out. The head, legs, and tail become the main habitat spot for ringworms. If your dogs have been infected by ringworms, generally it infects around the cage. The tropical treatment is effective to remove these ringworms.


Heartworms are very dangerous because it can kill your dogs. The heartworms can live nine months since your dogs are infected until the worms grow older and treat the life of your dogs. Unfortunately, your dogs only show infection of heartworms after it becomes an adult and infect lungs and heart of dogs. The symptoms are breathless, big belly, fainted, weight loss, and finally heart failure. This infection can be got after being bitten by Malaria mosquito. The worm infection will block lungs and heart so that it causes death. Those are some kinds of dog worms that generally infect dogs.

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