Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

Dog treats your dog will love, and they’re good for her too!

Everybody loves a treat, and dogs are no different. There’s nothing better than seeing your dog bounce around in pleasure when you produce her favorite dog treats.But you also want to be certain that you’re giving the right snacks, in the right quantities. Some dog owners give far too many treats. So many in fact that the dog stops eating their regular food, and holds out for the treat that she knows is coming.

If this is you, then I’d advise that you cut back on the treats because this kind of feeding can create serious long-term health problems.I’m not saying cut out the treats altogether – just that you give them in moderation, and normally, as a reward for good behavior.But all treats are not created equal. Some are downright bad, even dangerous, while other may have specific health benefits for your dog.

Dog treats your dog will love

Dog treats your dog will love

Dog Treats to Avoid

There are some treats you should definitely avoid giving to your dog. Table scraps are a definite no-no and may include things like onions or garlic, which are bad for dogs.Human food also tends to be fattier than a dog needs and given over time can cause obesity as well as liver and heart problems, and canine diabetes.

Other human foods like cookies and candy are another no-no, and even dog biscuits may have high levels of fat, as well as fillers like corn or wheat.Other things to avoid include bones which can splinter and cause injury, and also things like pig ears, which pose a salmonella risk.

The Good Stuff

So, what can you give that your dog will enjoy, while also being good for her?

Here are a few ideas;

  • Stuffed Kong Toys – Kong toys are fantastic. They are tough enough to stand up to years of chewing, so you can stuff your dog’s favorite treat into the middle and let her chew away to her heart’s content.
  • Dental Chews – Dental chews, like Greenies, are healthy, tasty and keep your dog’s teeth free from plaque and tartar.
  • Rawhide – Dogs enjoy chewing on rawhide and it will keep them occupied for hours. Make sure that it is pressed rawhide so it doesn’t disintegrate when they chew it.
  • Heavy Bones – Never give bones that can splinter and be swallowed as they can cause serious injury. Large, heavy bones that your dog can gnaw at but not break, are okay.
  • Jerky – Dried meats are a great treat and are ideal as training rewards because they can be broken up into small pieces easily.

There are of course many other dogs treats out there including store bought and gourmet varieties. Before buying these for your dog, check the nutritional values and avoid anything that is high in fat or filler like corn, wheat or soy.

Choose dog treats that your dog loves, but that is also good for her.