Dog Tooth Problems and How to Prevent it

Tooth problems doesn’t only affect your live. Even your dogs can suffer from dog tooth problems that can make them less happy and playful. As a good pet owner, you must be aware of these problems. Being aware of your dogs’ tooth problem, you can take them to the vet before it gets worse.

A dog who has tooth problems usually doesn’t show any distinctive symptoms. However, in some cases, you can see some difference in your dogs’ habit. Some of them are waking up at nights, eating less than usual, rubbing their face against something frequently. You may also notice swelling on their face.

Dog Tooth Problems

Types of dog tooth problems

There are several tooth problems that can affect your dogs. Here are some of them.

–               Loose tooth
Loose tooth is very common for puppies. Similar to human, puppies will lose their baby teeth before they have permanent teeth. However, if your puppies have permanent teeth and baby teeth occupying the same spot, you need to get them to the vet. The vet will help them to get rid of their baby teeth. If your dogs is 8 months older and have loose teeth, you need to bring them to the vet immediately because it may need extraction. This tooth problem can be caused by trauma or gum loss from serious periodontal disease.

–               Periodontal disease
Periodontal disease is very common in dogs. The symptoms of this diseases are bleeding gums, blood on their chew toy, and swelling gum. This tooth problem occurs because there is plaque that develop into tartar on your dogs’ teeth. Tartar is brown substance and can cause gingivitis (fluffy and reddish gum). When it is not treated, it will cause periodontal disease.

–               Tooth trauma
Tooth trauma can be caused by chewing hard objects, injuries, or too-harsh play. Because of this condition, your dogs can suffer from loose tooth, cracked tooth, and broken tooth. If you see any broken or cracked tooth, you have to get it examine by the vet. The treatment for this dog tooth problem depends on the severity of the damage.

–               Tooth root abscess
Tooth root abscess happens when the tooth root is infected by bacteria. This infection usually occurs when the dogs’ tooth is damaged and bacteria get in to its root. The symptoms of this condition are loss of appetite and facial swelling. This tooth problem is painful but your dogs may not show any signs of pain. If you see any red swelling around your dogs’ teeth, you need to bring them to the vet as soon as you can. The vet will perform an X-ray to find which tooth root is infected before extracting it.


How to take care of dog tooth

To avoid dog tooth problems, you need to know how to maintain your dogs’ oral health. In taking care of your dogs’ tooth and oral health, you can do it on your own. However, certain procedure need to be done by a vet. Here are some of the things you can do to take care your dog tooth and oral health.

–               Brushing tooth regularly
It is important for you to brush your dogs’ tooth every day. This daily cleaning will help you prevent plaque and tartar to develop on their teeth. In consequence, periodontal disease can be avoided. To clean your dogs’ tooth, you need pet tooth brush and pet toothpaste. It may not easy at first. But, with a little patient, you can teach your dog to get used with this routine.

–               Checking your dogs’ oral health
When you are brushing your pet dogs teeth, it is better for you to examine them at the same time. Some of the condition that you need to pay attention are cracked teeth, swelling gum, discolored teeth, and bad mouth odor. If you find these condition and your dogs are not as cooperative as usual, you need to consult it to the vet.

–               Give your dogs the right chewing toys
Some chewing toys, such as tennis balls and animal bones, can wear down your dogs’ teeth. That’s why it is important for you to choose the right chewing toys for them. Some of the recommended ones are rubbery and hard toys and thin rawhide bones. These chewing toys are safe and will not damage their teeth.

–               High quality dog food
To maintain your dogs’ tooth and oral health, you also need to consider its food. High quality dog food can help your dogs to have better immunity and stronger teeth. You also need to consider dog foods that good for their dental diet. This particular dog food may have certain additive that will prevent plaque to harden and become tartar. It may also in the form of dried food that can help your dogs to scrub the plaque when chewing it. Therefore, your dog will have cleaner teeth and free from dog tooth problems.