Why is proper dog nutrition important? Well, it’s been said that “you are what you eat”, and nowhere is this truer than with dogs.

A nutritious, well-balanced diet will produce a dog with strong bones, good muscle tone, and a healthy coat. Feed him on table scraps and treats and you’re likely to end up with a dog that has obesity and other health issues.

But what to feed, when, how much, and what foods to avoid? In this section of the site, we answer these and other questions relating to your dog’s diet and nutrition.

We’ll give you the low-down on your dog’s nutritional requirements and provide some guidelines for feeding. We’ll discuss the various types of commercial pet foods available and talk about cooking fresh foods for your dog. We’ll tell you what and when to treat, and provide some tasty dog food and dog treat recipes.

We’ll explain why chocolate is toxic to your dog and tell you what other foods to avoid. Just follow the links below.

  1. Dogs and Chocolate: Why chocolate is toxic to dogs
  2. Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love
  3. Dog Food Allergies
  4. Cooking For Your Dog
  5. Canine Nutrition: Guidelines on the right way to feed your dog
  6. Best Dog Food: What to feed, what to avoid
  7. Cooking Healthy Homemade Dog Food for your Dog
  8. Dog Nutritional Requirements: What You Should Know
  9. Dog Foods to Avoid, Never feed these to your dog!
  10. Healthy Dog Food Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know
  11. 10 Best Dry Good Dog Foods that Worth to Try
  12. Dog Vitamins and Supplements: Health Facts
  13. Recipe Ideas for Healthy and Delicious Homemade Dog Treats
  14. How to Follow a Diet for Dogs
  15. Dog Nutrition Guidelines and Tips
  16. Tips for Selecting the Best Dog Food
  17. What Dog Owners Need to Know About Dog Nutrition
  18. Basic Needs of Diets for Dogs
  19. 4 Dog Food Truths: Are We Becoming a Fast Dоg Fооd Nаtіоn?
  20. Best Dog Food Reviews