Dog Health Insurance Cost and Reduction Tips

Similar to other insurance types, the dog health insurance cost varies according to the policies. It’s the type of insurance that helps you to afford quality veterinary care so your pet can be fully protected.  However, choosing the right insurance type for dog is as tricky as of choosing life insurance.

There are several factors you need to consider. For instance, which insurance type is the right one and how do you afford it if you have low income. You also need to consider the ways to reduce the cost. With the vet bills rise every year, dog health insurance is a good investment to protect your lovely pets.

Dog Health Insurance Cost

Types of Dog Health Insurance

Right before you choose which insurance cost fits your need and financial condition, you must know very well how the insurance works. Basically, there are four different types of dog health insurance. They are “accident only”, “lifetime”, “per condition” and “per condition with time limit” insurance.

The Accident Only insurance is very basic insurance where it covers vet treatment when the pet gets an accident only. So, it doesn’t cover treatment if the pet gets illness. Some of this insurance has policies with time limit for vet treatment.

The Per Condition with Time Limit insurance has the cheapest cover. It covers the vet bills for both illness and accidents. However, it comes with time limit of only 12 months after the diagnosis. And it also comes with maximum cover for the vet bills. So, when the bill reaches beyond the limit, you must pay extra cost.

Per Condition with No Time Limit insurance usually covers set free limit. It covers any treatments for illness and accidents only if you renew your pet insurance policy after 12 months. However, it doesn’t cover the re-occurring illness or injury.

The Lifetime insurance on the other hand is the most comprehensive insurance for pet. Yet, it’s the most expensive as well. It covers various treatments for accident and illness and also extras like burial expenses and dental fees.

With those various types, the dog health insurance cost varies a lot. Which type of insurance you choose determines the cost. Meanwhile, other factors determining the cost include the pet’s age and breed. For instance, of all dog breeds, the Rottweiler is the most expensive dog when it comes to pet insurance.

Tips To Reduce Dog Health Insurance Cost

Similar to buying other insurance products, you have to apply some strategies to reduce the cost. However, you cannot expect getting the overall best deals because there is always something you have to compromise with. What you must do is comparing all the prices from several insurance companies. This helps you to find out the best deal offered for your pet. Take your time in choosing the right insurance.

·         Benefit from Multiple Pet Discounts
If you have more than one dog as your pet, you can get at least 10% discount on base plan premium as long as you get the insurance for more than one pet. This is definitely a great deal you shouldn’t turn down.

·         Customize Deductible Amount
Deductible as basically amount of money you must pay before the reimbursement starts. Usually, your premium will be lowered if your deductible is higher. Therefore, make sure to do some customization first.

·         Pick Different Reimbursement Percentage
Reimbursement percentage is often known as co-insurance. You use it percentage in order to calculate the claim reimbursement. It’s advised to choose higher percentage because then you can get higher claim reimbursement.

·         Pay Premium Annually
It’s better to pay the premium annually. This way, you will be able to save some on total when the insurance company waives installment fee. Therefore, consider this option to reduce your dog health insurance cost.

·         Choose Lower Benefit Limit
To reduce the premium cost, you need to lower the limit. So, you can start finding the quotes and do a comparison before making the final choice.

·         Spay and Neuter Your Dog
Neutered/spayed dog will give you lower insurance cost. That’s because the dog is believed to be healthier than those who aren’t spayed or neutered yet.

·         Put Microchip to Your Dog
When your dog is microchipped, you can definitely expect lower insurance cost. Microchip assures the insurance company that the dog is easily supervised.

·         Make Sure Your Dog is Young and Healthy
Young and healthy dog makes an ideal dog condition for health insurance. This allows you to get reduced insurance cost. At once, it hikes up your premium as well. Therefore, get your dog checked up at vet yet before you purchase the insurance.

You cannot expect dog health insurance as only about money. Instead, it’s more about a peace of mind knowing your dog is fully protected. This way, you will have less worry if your dog accidentally gets an injury of illness.