The Best Dog Games For You To Play With Your Dog

The Best Dog Games For You To Play With Your Dog

All dogs love a game, and dog games are vital to your dog’s physical and mental well-being. They are also a fun way of bonding with your dog. Here are some suggestions for dog games and activities your dog will enjoy.

Playing Dog Games

Games are a great way of packing intensive exercise into a relatively short space of time. They can include any number of fun activities, like fetch, tag, hide and seek, and finding hidden objects. You’ll find that certain breeds prefer certain games. Retrievers love playing fetch for example, while hounds like finding hidden objects, and terriers enjoy tug-of-war. Still, mix it up to keep things interesting. In this way, you provide your dog with both physical and mental stimulation.

dog playing games

dog playing games

Walking on a lead

Dogs love their walks, and all dogs, regardless of size, should have a daily walk (preferably two). Try for a solid hour of walking activity and, where possible, vary your route to keep things interesting.

Walking off the lead

Once your dog has been trained and you are confident of his obedience, you can allow him some time to run around off the lead. Make sure that this is in a secure area, like a fenced off the park, where dogs are allowed to roam freely.

Playing with other dogs

Dogs enjoy playing games together, but make sure that these games are supervised so they don’t get out of hand. This applies doubly if you don’t know the temperament of the dog your dog is playing with.


Most dogs enjoy a game of tug-of-war using a pull toy or a rope. However, when playing this game you should ensure that your dog releases the toy on demand. Otherwise, he may start to believe that he is dominant over you.


Some breeds, like Labs, just love the water. If you have a pool it is okay to allow your dog to swim, provided his time in the pool is supervised. But ensure that he does not have access to the pool on his own.

After swimming you should always hose him down with fresh water, as pool chemicals dry out the skin and coat. Also, take a time to dry out his ears when he comes out of the water.

Chew Toys

Chewing toys are an excellent way to keep your dog occupied while you’re away. A dog will chew on a plastic bone or strip of rawhide for hours, keeping him away from other, more destructive, behaviors.

Avoid toys that can be broken into small pieces, or are small enough to be swallowed. And don’t give your dog your old shoes or clothes to chew on, or he’ll believe that any item with your scent on it is fair game.

The amount of exercise needed depends on the size, age, breed, and physical condition of the dog. But physical exercise is a must and dog games are an excellent way of providing this.