Best Dog Food Reviews

At Best Dog Food Reviews we take dog food seriously. Some of the today’s generation takes pet food for granted. They think that pet food has been on the market for ages since people started to rear pets at home. This is just not true. Pets lived on the scraps and leftovers served by the owners.

Brief Dog Food History

It was in the late eighteenth century that the first pet food was introduced by James Spratt in London. It was a biscuit made with wheat, meat, and vegetables. As it was introduced in the United States, came the nutritious biscuits made by the F.H Bennett Biscuits Company. They were in the shape of a bone and were available in boxes for the first time. It was followed by the first dried food a few years later.

The canned food hit the markets after the first world war. Then Kibble ruled the market for many years. When the economy started to boom, many companies like Lipton, Mars, Nabisco, Quaker Oats and many more companies launched pet foods. In the 1960s the pet food manufactures the claim that the pet foods in the market were complete foods with all the necessary nutrients needed for a pet, we now know different. Pets have developed allergies due to the preservatives and chemicals added to the food. Today most of the pet owners are knowledgeable enough to read the ingredients on the label.

best dog food reviews

best dog food reviews

How Common Kibble is Made

Having a dog at home relieves your stress, protect you from danger and be your best friend. So I am sure you want to feed him the best food and know what the different types of dog foods available. There are numerous options to feed your pet dog. The main types are dry food, moist food, semi-moist food, homemade food, organic food and raw food. Each type is analyzed below and we discuss the pros and cons of each type.

Dry Food

is the most common dog food used by many dog owners because of the following reasons.

1. Dry food is the cheapest option.
2. Dry food has all the nutrients needed for dogs to remain healthy and fit. It is good for the dogs to chew their food to keep their teeth clean and healthy.
3. It is convenient for the owners to use dry food. It needs no refrigeration.
4. It is odorless.
Never forget to read the ingredients on the label before buying dry food.

Moist or Wet Food

is more expensive than dry food, but it has some advantages.

1. It has a long life. Dogs love to have wet food rather than dry food. The preservative content is less when compared to dry food. It has high water content and it is the best choice for dogs that need to be fed with more water to treat some disease conditions.
2. It also some disadvantages. The water content which is a benefit for diseased dogs is a disadvantage for healthy dogs. They may not get the necessary protein and other nutrients.
Make sure that the wet food is labeled as complete food before buying wet food.

Semi-Moist Dog Food

as the name indicates is between dry and wet food in consistency.

1. The price is lower than wet food and higher than the dry food.
2. The water content is at the right level required by pets.
3. The main disadvantages are that it lacks the nutrients needed by a dog and it contains a lot of preservatives and chemicals. Your pet dog may be allergic to them.
These factors have led to the decline of the sales of semi-moist food.

Organic Food

is more expensive.

  1. If your budget is not a big issue, you can buy organic food for your dog.
  2. Organic food contains no chemicals, preservatives, hormones and pesticides.
  3. They are very safe for your loving pet.
    Make sure that the food you buy is certified 100% organic.

Homemade Food

is the best option if you are very particular in feeding your dog freshly prepared healthy food.

  1. There are no chemicals and artificial preservatives to harm your pet since you are making it and know what you put in it.
  2. People get bored if we eat the same food daily. The same thing applies to dogs too. When you cook food for your dog, you can give a variety of healthy meals.
  3. The problem is every dog owner cannot find time to prepare fresh meals daily. You can occasionally treat your dog with homemade meals, deep freeze the food and serve it for two or three days. This also consumes time because you have to defrost the frozen meals.

Raw Food

includes raw meat with bones, raw vegetables, and raw fruits.

  1. Some pet owners believe that their dogs remain in better health if they are fed with raw food.
  2. Most of the veterinary doctors say that dogs are at a higher risk of getting bacterial infections and other infections.
  3. If you are going to feed your dog with raw food, make sure that the meat and vegetables are organic, or buy frozen raw food from a reputable retailer.

Whatever the type of food you give your dog, remember that it should be a balanced diet which contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A dog needs all of these to remain healthy and strong. Make the right choice after considering the needs of your best friend.