Dog Bathing Step By Step

Dog Bathing: Helping your dog to always look her best.

Dog Bathing is often a tricky business. It’s not that dogs don’t like the bath, but rather that they hate being restrained. So they’ll squirm, shiver and shake, and if you’re not careful, make a dash for it, trailing soap-suds through the house. Fortunately, for most dogs, you’ll only have to do this one a month. You may, however, need to bath your dog more regularly if she is particularly dirty. Or if she has been rolling around in some or other foul smelling substance, as dogs are inclined to do. But regular bathing is necessary. And if you’re going to do it, you may as well learn the right way.

Dog Bathing

Dog Bathing

Here’s our step-by-step ‘how to’ for dog bathing;

  1. Start by brushing the dog down to remove burrs and knots from the fur.
  2. Stand the dog in a bath or plastic basin and pour a jug of warm (not hot) water over her coat while holding her by the collar. (Note: If using the bath, put a rubber shower mat down so the dog doesn’t slip)
  3. Pour on dog shampoo and build up a lather over the entire body, except the head. Do not get water or soap in the dog’s eyes.
  4. Lather the dog’s head with shampoo poured onto your hands, being careful again to avoid the eyes and mouth.
  5. Rinse and dry the dog’s head thoroughly (Do this before rinsing the rest of the body).
  6. Thoroughly rinse the rest of the body with warm water. Apply and rinse off conditioner if needed.
  7. Squeeze excess water from the coat, then lift the dog out of the bath and dry with a towel.
  8. Dry the dog with a hairdryer set to warm or cool (not hot). Run a brush through the coat while drying. (Note: Don’t use a hairdryer on dogs that suffer from the dry or itchy skin.)
  9. After bathing dogs often run around excitedly. Don’t allow your dog outside until she calms down, as she’s likely to roll in something unpleasant to mask her smell.

Do this once a month and your dog will always look her best. Plus there’s the added benefit of controlling external parasites and identifying any skin problems. This alone makes regular dog bathing a worthwhile exercise.