How to Cure Dog Diarrhea Based on What Experts Say

Dogs are indeed many people’s favorite pet. They are well-known for their smartness and loyal. For those who have dogs, you must’ve known how to take care of a dog with diarrhea since it is one of common sickness happens to dogs. And in this article, you will find out more how to cure dog diarrhea based on experts’ opinion. It has been proven that dogs are one of those animals that have an incredible digestive system. They can eat any raw food, especially meat whether it is expired or not. Dogs can sniff well especially food left-over including fried chicken and ham.

Many dogs would rather choose a dirty bowl and drink from mud puddles or even your fish pond than eating from a clean and nice bowl and filtered water. But yet, they are still fine. They don’t have any illness or effects by eating and drinking from a dirty place.

How to Cure Dog Diarrhea Based on What Experts Say

How to Cure Dog Diarrhea Based on What Experts Say

Even though most of the dogs are strong and can handle that kind of bad habit, once in a while they will have diarrhea. It will make you feel bad for your pet but at the same time, you will feel annoyed if you step your dog’s stool that he leave somewhere before you go to work. Dog diarrhea will not only make your dog’s tummy upset but also it makes his stool smells bad.

What causes dog diarrhea?

Before we hear advice from experts, let’s find out what reasons can cause diarrhea in dogs. They are including:

  1. Parasites. This is a very common reason why the dog has diarrhea especially if he has weak immune system. These parasites are usually worms (hookworms, roundworms, giardia, coccidia, whipworms, etc.)
  2. Poisonous foods or plants
  3. Allergy
  4. Infected by common virus
  5. Illness including colitis, liver and kidney disease and even cancer
  6. Stress or upset
  7. Food intolerance

What experts say about curing dog diarrhea?

In this article, we are going to give the advice to cure dog diarrhea of some experts. The advice below can be applied for temporary and even acute diarrhea. But, the best advice for you with dogs that have acute diarrhea is that you have to consult that problem to the holistic or homeopathic vet. He or she can help you to fix the root of the problem and give better advice related to treatment and appropriate diet.

These are the following advice from experts:

1.             Advice from Marty Goldstein DVM

Marty Goldstein is well known for his book “The Nature of Animal Healing”. He said that the best and fast treatment to dog diarrhea is by putting him on a liquid. He explained that dog’s digestive system has a gastrocolic reflex. Its function is to empty dog’s colon when the stomach fills. He also added that to avoid colon for being empty and to break dog’s diarrhea, we must make a simple plan which is giving your dog less food ad possible! It’s even better if they don’t eat at all for a while. Dr. Marty recommends two effective homeopathic blends which are Goodpet’s Diar-Relief and BHI’s Diarrhea. They are available at Amazon and other online stores. For liquid fast, he also shared the secret formula by using the potato.

First, peel 50% sweet potato and 50% white potato. Second, take the turnip and slice it. Third, boil them together in a cooking pot and add lamb or chicken for making it into delicious food. The last, cool it down and then give it to your beloved dog. This recipe can stop diarrhea fast!

2.             Advice from Randy Kidd DVM PhD

You may familiar with a book entitled Dr. Kidd’ Guide to Herbal Dog Care. Randy Kidd is the author. He suggested that slippery elm cure dog diarrhea. The recipe is by giving 1 tablespoon of powder herb. The measurement is based on dog’s bodyweight. For 1 tablespoon of powder, it is for per 20 lbs of dog’s body weight. But if your dog’s diarrhea is of blackish blood and reddish, it means serious diarrhea that can be a sign of parvo or distemper. And taking your dog to the vet is the best solution.

3.             Advice from Greg Tilford

Greg Tilford said that diarrhea on the dog is actually the natural healing process. One of the best solutions is that you have to give plenty of water to your dog. Use less salt in his food as well. For natural herbs, you can use raspberry or chamomile, plantain, and even slippery elm. To soothe this herb to your dog’s digestive system, mix it with marshmallow.

There are natural ways to heal dog diarrhea fast and safe. This advice of how to cure dog diarrhea are worth a shot since they come from experienced vet and experts about dogs. If your dog diarrhea doesn’t stop more than a week, you have to go to a vet soon to get immediate help.