Helpful Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership

The golden rule by the great Chinese philosopher Confucius can be applied to practically every single aspect of life. Dog ownership and dog training are no exceptions to this rule. So being a responsible dog owners entails you to make sure that your furry best friend does not cause any harm or trouble to your neighbors as much as you would not want your neighbor's pets to disturb or bother you. Read on and find out how to make things easier for you as a dog owner:

1. Have your dog trained. Teach your do the basics. You can start by teaching him where his personal space, where he can sleep, where he is supposed to poop and pee, and other little things such as not barking at just anyone he sees. This simple manners will surely make him behave and not make him a nuisance in your house and in the neighborhood as well.

2. Get your dog to familiarize himself with the neighbors and his surroundings. Introduce him to your neighbors as well as to your neighbors' dogs so he will be able to identify them as familiar faces. This way he won't be barking at just about anybody he sees outside or inside your home. Remember, if you find it annoying to hear someone else's dog barking, chances are, your neighbors feel the same way too.

3. Treat your dog properly. A nice and friendly dog largely reflects on how well he is treated, although some dogs are by nature fierce and some are naturally tamed even without much dog training. Still, you should treat your dog properly by feeding him on time and attending to his basic needs such as providing exercise and walking to prevent him from protesting and making unnecessary barking that could rouse and irritate your neighbors.

4. Make your dog feel comfortable and safe. Pets that are well taken cared of are always happy. When properly taken cared of, dogs grow healthy and friendly. Regularly bathe him, feed him on time, and make sure he's always comfortable and safe.

5. Provide a safe and healthy environment for your dog. Avoid having your dog annoy your neighbors like sleeping on their mats or pooping at their porch. Give him a safe and conducive environment. Make his doghouse well ventilated, clean, and spacious. This way he would always love to stay there and not anywhere else where your neighbors will be disturbed or annoyed.

6. Be a responsible dog owner. As part of being a responsible dog owner, you should ensure that you would collect your dog's mess if he was not able to poop on his intended pooping area. You should also make sure that your dog would not wander around disturbing your neighbors in any way.


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