Dog Supplies - Train Your Pup Right

So you have a new dog and you would love if he were to learn a trick or two. But how do you teach him? It's a pretty easy process. Most dogs want to learn, because they want to please you. You just need to make sure you have the right dog supplies to encourage the learning process.

The first dog supplies you need are some treats. You are going to use these all the time when training your dog to do what you want him to do. He wants the treats and as soon as he makes the connection that doing what you say means he gets them, he will be much more attentive.

For your first trick, try teaching your dog to sit. You will need to say the word sit, and then put his body in the position and help him stay that way. When he does, pet him and tell him he was good. Now walk a step or two away. This should be enough to get him to stand up to follow you. Look at him and tell him to sit. Give him a second to take in the word, but if he still looks confused repeat the word, pushing his backside down at the same time. Try it a few more times and see if you get anywhere. If at any point he does exactly what he is supposed to, pet him, give him the treat and a lot of praise. Once he realizes what gets him all the love and yummy treats, he will be ready to continue to learn.

Another fun thing to teach your dog is how to play fetch. You will need to get a ball from the dog supplies for this one. Many dogs automatically are bred to play this game and all you have to do is toss a ball and he will bring it back to you. You can check the first time but if your dog just looks at the ball and then looks back at you, you're going to have to do a little training. You should have a tennis ball for this and cut a slit in one side of it. Put a treat inside the ball and let your dog smell that the treat is there. He will likely start jumping around to try and get it. Now you are going to toss the ball and run to it, hopefully with your dog running along. When you get there, get the ball, show it to him, and give him the treat from inside. You need to repeat this a couple of times for your dog to understand it's all about getting the ball.

Eventually you will be able to graduate to tossing the ball and your pooch will bring it back to you, waiting for you to give him the treat. After a few times of this you should alternate the times you put the treat inside, so he doesn't get one each time. Eventually you can completely wean him off the treats and let him fetch for the fun of it.


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