Basics of Dog Obedience Training,3 Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

The Basics of Dog Obedience Training – 3 simple lessons to a well-trained dog at Home

Giving your Dog obedience training is as important as giving it food because dogs are pack animals, accustomed to following a leader.the leadership role is filled by the Alpha wolf, while in your dog’s canine/human pack the role needs to be filled by you, the dog owner. Your dog is your pet, and it should be a part of the society you live in. There are some natural features and characteristics of your dog, which are very natural since the dog was living in the jungle for thousands of years before it is domesticated by the human. Therefore, in order to make your dog behave well, and do not make any inconvenience for you and the people around you, training your dog is important.

Basics of Dog Obedience Training

Basics of Dog Obedience Training

Train Your Dog at Home!

There are several ways to train your dog. You can enter your dog in dog training classes. These classes are handled by professional dog trainer that can help your dog learn a lot of things, in the shorter period of time. Since the classes are handled by professional dog trainer, you do not have to worry that your lovely pet will get any unnecessary incident when it is learning the lesson in the training. But unfortunately, these classes are sometimes offered at high prices. Do not worry, because there are some simple, yet important, dog training for your dog that can be done at home.

The best way to claim your position as pack leader is to teach your dog to obey you, starting with some basic dog obedience training.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Commands

The “Sit” Command

  • Stand facing the dog, with a treat in your hand
  • Slowly raise the treat about the dog’s line of sight.
  • The dog’s eyes will follow the treat and he will be forced to sit to keep watching it
  • As the dog begins to sit, give the command “sit”
  • Reward and praise the dog each time he sits
  • Repeat the exercise several times while reducing the frequency of the food reward

The “Down” Command

  1. Start with the dog in a sitting position
  2. Kneel beside the dog and hold his collar
  3. Hold a food treat in front of the dog’s nose, then gradually move it downwards
  4. As the treat reaches ground level move it away from the dog.
  5. The dog will start to lie down in order to follow the treat. as it does so give the command “Down”
  6. Repeat several times reducing the food reward. Eventually, the dog will respond to the voice command alone

The “Wait”, “Stay” and “Come to me” Commands

  1. The dog should be on a lead and in the sitting position (you may want to use an extendable lead for this exercise).
  2. Give the command “Wait”, then slowly walk backward away from the dog to the full extent of the lead
  3. Stop at the end of the lead and repeat the command “Wait” while giving a palm-up “stop” hand signal.
  4. Now give the command “Come”.
  5. When the dog reaches you, give the “Sit” command. Wait till he sits and calms down before giving praise and/or a reward.

Repeat these basic commands until you dog does them consistently. Gradually phase out the food treats but praise the dog with a simple “Good Boy (or Girl)” each time the exercise is successfully completed.

Dog Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Training

Simple Lessons to Educate Your Dog

The first important lesson for your dog is sitting. It is a relatively simple command and it is a good start for your dog before it can learn other things that are more complex. In order to teach your dog this trick, you should use the method of reward. The reward can be dog food and should be given to the dog every time the dog can do the command that you give to it. You can start to hold the reward just above your dog’s nose. This action will change the posture of your dog, lowering the bottom part of your dog and straighten up the higher part of your dog. After your dog is in such position, you can command your dog to sit and give the reward to your dog. This method should be done not just once. Training a dog to need a lot of patience and should be done repetitively. You should repeat the training every day until your dog can understand your command.

The second command that is simple for your dog is to call your dog. This is a simple yet very important command, since it can keep your dog from causing any trouble, and can prevent the dog lost when the owner is not around. At first, you can start this lesson by putting collar and leash in your dog. Bend down and mildly pull the leash while saying “come” plus “your dog’s name” You can treat your dog with a reward at the end of the training session. As mentioned before, training a dog need a lot of time and patience. You have to repeat the training every day until your dog could understand your command perfectly and finally master the training. After your dog can finish the two simple lessons, you can continue to teach other 3 essential commands you can teach your dog.

These basic dog obedience training commands will lay a solid foundation for all your future training.