7 San Diego Dog Beach Places That Can Be Visited

San Diego state has a number of dog friendly beaches. The beaches are used to be an area of dogs to play. Dog beaches in San Diego are designed friendly for dogs so that it makes people able to bring dogs when they enjoy the panorama of beaches. San Diego becomes the most appropriate place for dog owners to take the dogs. You can take your dogs in the early morning, afternoon, and even evening. This means that you can take the dogs’ hangout after busy hours. Here are some recommended San Diego dog beach places that can be visited.

The Original Dog Beach

san diego dog beach

This was famously known to be the first dog friendly beach in San Diego. The Original Dog Beach is often called to be national dog beach located in north end of Ocean Beach. If you want to get your dogs here, it is free of retribution.

Dog owners possibly bring and take dogs to explore the beauty of the beach. Before you go to the beach, make sure that you have cleaned the dog and check its update vaccination. You must give a collar of Animal Country Service Department when you go to The Original Dog Beach to legalize permission of your dogs. This beach is opened all day every day.

La Jolla Shores Beach


La Jolla Shores Beach is another San Diego dog beach for dog owners. This beach is appropriate for dog playground. You may bring Frisbee to throw or play balls with your dogs.

You can have fun under the sunshine with your dogs. This beach is opened for dogs after 6 pm and after 4 pm in the winter. It seems to be difficult to get dogs sunbathing on the beach because there are some beaches not allowed for dogs. But, you can explore the beauty of La Jolla Shores Beach in which it is dog friendly. There are some facilities for dogs.

Fiesta Island


Most of the beaches in San Diego are available and permitted for dogs. One of the beaches is Fiesta Island. This has been planned for free dogs to play.

Fiesta Island is like a dog park offering some facilities to play for dogs. It is very friendly for dogs in which there is a sand hill to climb, a water area to play, and dog playground area.

You don’t get confused to make your dogs have fun in this beach. Also read : 4 Best San Diego Dog Parks, CA

Pacific Beach


Pacific beach is a recommended beach for younger people to have fun in this beach. It is fairly dog friendly. If you have dogs, it is not allowed to reach water and sea. But, it is permitted to walk along the beach.

Are you interested in taking your dogs here? Do it now because there are some great restaurants and dog friendly spots in this beach. Note the schedule for dog friendly. It is allowed to bring your dogs 4 pm to 12 pm.  There is no retribution cost to enter this beach. It is the right place to have vacation with dogs with no spent cost.

Coronado Dog Beach


Coronado Dog Beach becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in San Diego. This is a proper beach for dog owners. It has been a dog friendly beach. It means that dog owners can involve dogs to have fun on the beach. But, make sure that your dogs in chains during spending the time in this beach.

If you forget to this rule, you must pay fine about $500. When you determine to out of chains, your dogs must have a certificate that has been trained well. This is a wide and big beach for dogs to play and spend time in the beach.

West Beach


The next San Diego dog beach is called West Beach. This beach is located in Del Mar. The dogs will have been always accepted by the beach management. It enables dog owners to walk and do jogging with dogs under control.

If your dogs are a year, it is possibly no chains. But, for 3-month dogs, it requires in chains. There is a playground to play with kids, and dogs there. This beach is really friendly for dogs and kids as well.

San Elijo State Beach


This beach enables you to include dogs on beach vacation. There is no wide sand area in this place but it is so perfect to get your dogs having vacation and jogging. This is also great for taking dogs to swim and play water with your dog friends.

Even, you can plan a great vacation and picnic near to the park where you can play and catch your dogs. You can also play some games with your dogs. That will be fun and awesome. You don’t need to get in chains of dogs during spending time in this beach. These are some places of San Diego dog beach that can be visited.